A Rose has Teeth V

A Rose has Teeth V

20 x 20 cm, © 2021, price on request
Two-dimensional | Painting | Acrylic | on canvas
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"We do not "know" our inner experiences like pain or speaking to ourselves any more than we believe, suspect, or do not know them. "Knowledge" is not the correct term here because the general criteria for talking about knowledge are missing. This point is illustrated by comparing the assertions "a goose has no teeth" and "a rose has no teeth." We can verify that a goose has no teeth by looking in its mouth, but how do we determine whether a rose has no teeth? One place is as good to look as another, so we could say that "a rose has teeth in the mouth of a beast"


Ludwig Wittgenstein, 'Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus'

- Last work from a series of 5 -